Landscaping Consultancy

Perhaps you’re confident about tackling your project yourself, but need a bit of advice to get started. Perhaps you want some design ideas, practical construction tips or planting layouts. Whatever the case, we’re happy to help you on a consulting basis.


Landcraft has 40 years of industry experience and can help you to achieve any landscaping DIY needs, both in a professional and straightforward manner. Landcraft can provide confident advice on the construction of decks, pergolas, and fences to the planting and care of trees and plants. One crucial aspect of Landcrafts DIY consulting is the fact the advice will be simple, understandable yet accurate and efficient.

Garden Guidance

Garden Guidance is your one-stop shop for garden advice no matter how trivial. The team at Landcraft can help you with the care of your plants and trees, and show you how to keep pests away or eradicate pests that have already infected a plant or tree. Landcraft can guide you with treating trees or plants with nutrient deficiency, and also more trivially how to prune/trim the trees or plants in the proper manner. Our team at Landcraft can tell you trade secrets pertaining to fertilizing the plants as to get the most out of them either fruiting or flowering.

Construction Advice

The team at Landcraft have built many a fence, deck, and pergola. Our construction advice is second to none, we can explain quickly, accurately, and efficiently the step by step process of any hard landscaping construction project you may need professional help with, from start to finish. If you are having any trouble send us an email, give us a call, or schedule a meet, because we will provide you with the crucial information you need to complete your construction project, so you can be lying on your deck in no time sipping a mojito.

Design Ideas

Landcraft can utilize their in-house landscape architect to consult with you at your request. Have a problem with a landscape design, don’t know where to place your new trees and plants, or your backyard needs a spruce up ask our landscape architect and he will point you in the right direction, and breathe new life into your old, new, or to-be garden. If you are having trouble with selecting the right plants, trees or shrubs you have come to the right place, our designer can help you select suitable plants that fit your needs and tastes. You don’t have to worry, with our professional designer you will have peace of mind knowing your landscape/garden will be in good care.

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