About Us

Beautiful, usable landscapes at your place

Landcraft are a professional landscape design & build team. We’re passionate about creating beautiful, usable gardens that last, with high-quality workmanship, attention, and care. We back that up with our one-year guarantee, so you know a Landcraft Garden is a garden that lasts.

The Landcraft 7-step process

  1. Get in touch with us; feel free to call Felix, send us an email, or simply complete our online form for a no-obligation consultation. An initial appointment is made, where we discuss your site, your goals, and your requirements. At this stage, we may refer you to one of our landscape designers if required.
2. Landscape designer contracted. Larger works require a landscape design to be created before works begin. This ensures you will end up with a landscape which meets all of your requirements, fits within your budget, and makes sure everyone is on the same page.
3. A design is finalised, contracts are signed, a deposit is paid, and a start date is set.
4. Work begins! This is where the excitement really begins. Jobs typically take between three to six weeks to complete, depending on their size and complexity. During this time, your outdoor area becomes a work site whilst we work hard building the landscape of your dreams, right in your backyard.
5. We keep you informed throughout the build with an initial forecast and updates along the way. Any additions or changes to work can usually be accommodated for, although it is easier to plan these from the start, which removes the possibility of rework being done. Any changes to the initial plan will be quoted in addition to the contract.
6. Job complete, all done! Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a brand new outdoor space which will last you for many years to come. From here, we pack up the site, leaving it in pristine condition for you to enjoy. We will book a follow up date to ensure everything has been installed correctly and all your plants have established themselves well.
7. Ongoing maintenance is the final step in keeping your new landscape looking its best. New lawns need a careful mowing schedule to ensure they develop fully into lush, green areas. Once established, a fortnightly mow keeps them looking their best. Most hardscapes are resilient, and may only need an infrequent water blast, whilst new trees, plants, and shrubs may need a prune or trim once or twice a year to maintain them in top shape and good health.